Dish Dash

Sunnyvale isn’t lacking in the ethnic cuisine department, not exactly. With its own Koreatown and seemingly more Indian restaurants than fast-food joints, this Silicon Valley gem boasts plenty of dining options to satisfy its diverse population. Perhaps the hub of Sunnyvale’s dining culture is historic Murphy Street: a narrow block of restaurants offering everything from Italian food and Halal cuisine to fondue and Irish pubs. Nestled in the center of it all is DishDash, a Mediterranean treasure known by all who live within a 5-mile radius.

DishDash offers shawarma wraps and tender kebabs of beef, lamb, and chicken, making a science of perfecting the various marinades and rubs. For more adventurous diners, however, awaits a plethora of unique regional Mediterranean plates. There’s the Palestinian Beriani Dajaj, a dish of marinated chicken breast under fluffy, subtle saffron rice and served with a delectable stew of golden raisins, chickpeas, and slivered almonds in a sweet, warm dry yogurt sauce. Then there’s the M’shakaleh, an Indian-inspired vegetable trifle of sorts with layers of mushrooms, grilled eggplant, tomatoes and rice in a yogurt-tomato sauce and a hint of curry powder. The Mansaf, however, seems to be the crowd favorite by the narrowest of margins as well the house specialty: a nomadic Jordanian entree of impeccably tender lamb, cooked in yogurt and topped with rice and roasted almonds.

Biryani Dejaj at DishDash

Biryani Dejaj



While each item on DishDash’s entree menu shines on its own, the appetizers shouldn’t be missed. From the classic tabouli, falafel, and babaganoush to more unique offerings like rihan, fatayer, and gambari, DishDash has a wide variety of hot and cold starters to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. My favorite? The lamb shawarma, served on a bed of perfectly-creamy hummus, although the maza platter is always tempting.

Shawarma Lamb

Shawarma Lamb

Following the pattern set by the dinner menu, dessert offers the usual, expected Mediterranean options of assorted baklava or yogurt gelato, as well as more unique items like a nutty pudding called M’Halabieh and a light, cheese-filled filodough dish sweetened by an accompanying rosewater syrup. And like the rest of the menu, these more unusual dishes are the most popular ones, the plates that have diners eliciting moans of delight and grumbling something about making a trip to the Middle East. DishDash is a true stand-out in the world of Mediterranean cuisine, the unreachable standard by which comparison is made for other restaurants or similar dishes. From top to bottom, start to end, patrons can expect a delicious meal that they’ll look back upon fondly for quite some time.

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